Hey there, Class of 2024!

As you progress through your second year, we’d like you to continue doing so with a central resource for organizing your goals and discovering new opportunities: your “Pathways Through Princeton” site. Pathways is a portal designed specifically for your class to help you make sense of the wealth of living and learning resources available at Princeton. We encourage you to focus most of your attention on the 2021-2022 Timeline as many important academic and co-curricular dates and deadlines will be updated there. Please bookmark the site for future reference and we wish you well in your Sophomore Year at Princeton!

Connect with your Tigers

Connect with your Tigers

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Welcome back from Fall Break! We hope you’ve taken some time to rest, reflect and recalibrate. As you head into the second half of term, we would like to remind you that between Monday, October 25 and 11:59 on Friday, November 12, you may change your grading option for a course from “Graded” to “Pass/D/Fail” or “PDF” via TigerHub if the course allows for it. Taking a course PDF can be a good way to manage academic stress but we highly recommend that you discuss the costs and benefits with your AB or BSE faculty adviser or the Director of Studies (DoS) in your College Office. The final deadline to DROP a class this term is also Friday, November 12, 11:59 pm. You must get approval from your academic adviser before using TigerHub to drop a course. Email approval is fine but be sure to forward a copy of the email to your DoS. Any drop that will result in a course deficiency must also be discussed prior to taking action.

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Residential Colleges

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Class Representatives and Class Government

Click here to learn more about Princeton’s Undergraduate Student Government (USG) and possible ways to connect with your class representatives.